Mediterranean Style Wood Kitchen Island

Rustic mediterranean style wood kitchen island and cabinetry, custom designed and handcrafted by Taber & Company.

The kitchen island was built from reclaimed Arizona ash, a hardwood that has unique grain and pattern.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

Collaborating with interior designer Billi Springer and the homeowners to create a mediterranean style kitchen island and cabinetry that would look like an original antique and function for the modern day. The kitchen island was built to tell a story, reclaimed Arizona Ash was selected for its rich character, golden tones with contrasting dark grains and handcrafted in the same tradition as Taber & Company furniture. Kitchen designer, Mary Fischer called out work stations, including a “Galley Sink” that is truly magnificent, it combines function and high style like no other.  The top attaches to the solid base cabinets and the legs support the overhang allowing plenty of room for seating. Cabinet doors open to reveal deep storage on all sides of the island.  The Desert Mountain Residence was built by R-Net Custom Homes.


Mediterranean style kitchen island cabinetry

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

The 9″x 9″  solid wood legs support the massive 15′ 4″ Long  x  5′ 6″  Wide island top. Using a reclaimed hardwood the wood island has an authentic antique style. A hand forged iron band surrounds the island top.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

The wood countertop is over fifteen feet long, the planks were milled from the same Ash tree creating a stunning pattern of grain and imperfection.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island 'Rustic Mediterranean wood kitchen island cabinetry'

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island Islands Rustic Old World Mediterranean

'Rustic Mediterranean style kitchen island cabinetry'A custom built wood kitchen island was designed to resemble a Mediterranean antique.


Rustic Mediterranean style kitchen island made for reclaimed ash wood.

Handcrafted Cabinetry Furniture Style is ha

Wood Entry Doors With Sidelights Custom Made

  Wood Entry Doors With Sidelights


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Spanish Style Custom Dining Room Table

Custom Dining Table

Custom Dining Table Circa 1995

I remember the first custom dining room table we sold, it was to a “published” interior designer that was working on  a Mediterranean inspired residence.

   The designer selected a beautiful Spanish style Queen Anne dining table with a hand carved apron, and he was very specific with his request for an antique finish.

Built to John’s exact specifications, it was perfectly proportioned and scaled. The custom dining table was stunning and ready to look centuries old.

We love the glow, the patina, the texture and the feeling of a time worn elegant finish, with worn edges and the undulation that comes from use and care – generations celebrating at a future heirloom.


We had ideas but no experience, John called upon his comfort in the kitchen and I focused on my experience in blemish and enhancement….

We started preparing the wood, hand sanding and wearing it down, softening every edge. John created a custom stain color and developed a blend of waxes that have become a proprietary trademark. Hand applying layer after layer of wax, enjoying and learning along the way.

So caught up in the entire process we thought, is it possible to replicate this, the art of imperfection?

We did, we do and we love to recreate the classic natural finish, the same traditions of the old masters before us.

For the last 19 years it has become our passion and reward to design and build furniture for clients that value our process and preserve our standard of craftsmanship that can only be built right here in America.