Handcrafted Wood Front Entry Door With Glass And Wrought Iron

 This handcrafted solid wood front door with glass and wrought iron was designed to make a statement.

Custom made and handcrafted in Arizona from salvaged Pecan wood.

The door is 107″ tall and 87″ wide with a surround that is  over 8″ thick

This project was a special one, not only will it welcome the homeowners to their newly remodeled Scottsdale, Arizona home, it honors the families history with the materials used.  Pecan trees cut down on the family orchard fifteen years prior were sitting on the ground and  looking for a purpose.

We built the door using wood salvaged from the families farm. Designed to mix materials the front door with glass includes a large wrought iron grill and door hardware that was forged by hand.

Hand applied stain and wax highlights the rich patina and character of the aged pecan wood.


The brow arch opening extends over the side panels and center door. An iron grill is secured with hand forged iron hardware.


Reclaimed pecan wood front door with hand forged iron grill

Hand applied stain and wax highlights the rich patina and character of the aged pecan wood.

large iron door handle

A simple hand forged iron door pull was selected for the interior. The exterior door pull is much larger in scale.



Wood Kitchen Island – Wood Countertop – Millwork- Scottsdale

Wood Kitchen Island  – Wood Countertops – Millwork

 The wood kitchen island design was inspired from an old bakers table and combines character, style and function.

wood kitchen island wood countertops millwork Scottsdale

The freestanding kitchen island was custom made from a salvaged Ash wood tree. 

The wood for the countertop was custom milled to have a life edge running the length of the top and features solid end grain on each end.

Drawer fronts on the kitchen island were handcrafted from one slab of wood. Masterfully handcrafted and book matched to show the unique grain and pattern of the wood. While the wood kitchen island looks like an antique piece it offers today’s conveniences with drawers on soft touch glides.

wood kitchen island wood countertops millwork Scottsdale

wood kitchen island. wood countertop

Ash wood is incredibly durable and is considered to be stronger then oak and a great option for a wood countertop.

Taber & Company’s  handcrafted cabinetry and wood countertops starts from the ground up, milling old growth hardwood that is reclaimed or salvaged. Milled and kiln dried on site allows John to select the most characteristic slabs for each piece.  The custom cabinetry, furniture and millwork is handcrafted in Arizona from start to finish.

Handcrafted Custom Cabinetry – Cabinets – Woodwork Scottsdale, AZ

John Taber is passionate about creating pieces that are based on authentic craftsmanship and joinery, expressing the natural character of the wood and bringing life to each design.

One of the few custom wood workers and cabinet makers in the nation creating their own wood supply and handcrafting without modern machinery. The labor intensive practices result in one of a kind pieces that are handmade exclusively for each client. Creating the finest custom woodwork and cabinetry, using solid hardwoods, in-house custom blended wax and their signature hand forged iron hardware. Handcrafted Custom Cabinetry – Cabinets – Woodwork Scottsdale, AZ custom cabinetry, cabinets and woodwork.

Taber & Company delivers each handcrafted piece beyond expectation.


Custom handcrafted woodwork and cabinetry for a Scottsdale residence includes a solid mesquite wood hood surround and a freestanding kitchen island with made from reclaimed Arizona Ashwood.

Custom Kitchen cabinetry and wood countertops are available in a variety of woods

Architect: Urban Design Associates

Homebuilder : R- Net Custom Homes

Interior Design: Billi Springer and Associates

wood kitchen island wood countertops millwork Scottsdale

Custom Made Wood Kitchen Islands

Taber & Company’s custom made wood kitchen islands are designed and built as fine furniture exclusively for each client authentically expressing the architecture of the home.

Built from hardwood trees that are reclaimed, salvaged or selectively harvested and milling on site, gives John  the ability to cut slabs for each project to the desired wood thickness and width of each plank.

While most cabinet makers are limited to what is available through lumber resources, Taber has no limitations.

Handcrafted Custom Wood Kitchen Islands, wood countertop, wood furniture style kitchen islands custom high end kitchen mediterranean tuscan style

Old world custom designed kitchen island combines an antique look with modern functions.

Creating the finest one of a kind hand crafted custom made wood kitchen islands, specializing in European, Mediterranean and Spanish  style.

The custom kitchen island and cabinetry was built for a Santa Barbara mediterranean estate. The island design was inspired by an  antique Italian furniture piece the homeowner admired.

Adding to the character, the top was made from hand cut end grain mesquite wood that create a butcher block pattern. While the island looks a century old it houses modern appliances and drawers that close with ease using the highest quality soft touch glides.

This free standing custom made wood kitchen islands with room for seating is handcrafted as piece of furniture from mesquite wood and  The wood countertop has a patterned top, each diamond is cut and finished individually by hand. The hand carved edge is a solid three inches thick. This Silverleaf luxury home was custom built by Schultz Development.

Each custom made wood kitchen islands is built in the same tradition as Taber & Company furniture, by hand from the start to finish. Dovetail joinery, hand forged iron hardware and layers of hand applied custom blended stains and wax are all trademarks.  Made in the United States with a passion of preserving the art of craftsmanship and creating heirlooms from salvaged and reclaimed hardwoods. Using soft touch glides on solid wood drawers and skillfully integrating appliances offers the client the best of both worlds, old world carpentry with todays convenience.

This handcrafted custom kitchen island is made from an Arizona Ash tree, the incredible grain is rich in character that is enhanced with a wax finish. The design is based on an old bakery table with deep drawers, wood shelves and a naturally worn and patina finish that is achieved from years of use. One slab was precisely cut to book match the grains on the drawers fronts. The wood countertop is made from solid planks with European dovetail joints and has an end grain edge.  Architect: Urban Design Associates. Custom Home Builder: R-Net Custom Homes Interior Designer: Billi Springer Associates

custom made wood kitchen islands

Mediterranean Style Wood Kitchen Island

Rustic mediterranean style wood kitchen island and cabinetry, custom designed and handcrafted by Taber & Company.

The kitchen island was built from reclaimed Arizona ash, a hardwood that has unique grain and pattern.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

Collaborating with interior designer Billi Springer and the homeowners to create a mediterranean style kitchen island and cabinetry that would look like an original antique and function for the modern day. The kitchen island was built to tell a story, reclaimed Arizona Ash was selected for its rich character, golden tones with contrasting dark grains and handcrafted in the same tradition as Taber & Company furniture. Kitchen designer, Mary Fischer called out work stations, including a “Galley Sink” that is truly magnificent, it combines function and high style like no other.  The top attaches to the solid base cabinets and the legs support the overhang allowing plenty of room for seating. Cabinet doors open to reveal deep storage on all sides of the island.  The Desert Mountain Residence was built by R-Net Custom Homes.


Mediterranean style kitchen island cabinetry

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

The 9″x 9″  solid wood legs support the massive 15′ 4″ Long  x  5′ 6″  Wide island top. Using a reclaimed hardwood the wood island has an authentic antique style. A hand forged iron band surrounds the island top.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island

The wood countertop is over fifteen feet long, the planks were milled from the same Ash tree creating a stunning pattern of grain and imperfection.

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island 'Rustic Mediterranean wood kitchen island cabinetry'

rustic Mediterranean style wood kitchen island Islands Rustic Old World Mediterranean

'Rustic Mediterranean style kitchen island cabinetry'A custom built wood kitchen island was designed to resemble a Mediterranean antique.


Rustic Mediterranean style kitchen island made for reclaimed ash wood.

Handcrafted Cabinetry Furniture Style is ha

Wood Entry Doors With Sidelights Custom Made

  Wood Entry Doors With Sidelights


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